Refer an office customer and earn 2.5% finder’s fee

In addition to meeting rooms, Deskbookers can now help any business or professional find their perfect office space. Do you know someone who is looking for an office? Get in touch with us and earn 2.5% commission for a successful placement.

Refer an office customer now

How does it work?

Get in contact

Send us a request by email including contact details.

Find their ideal office

We will contact the customer and start the search based on their requirements.

Earn a 2.5% fee

With a successful placement through Deskbookers.

Terms and conditions for the referral program

1. The customer must be clearly referred by you through email. To track this, please clearly fill out the form below. Leads are shared based on mutual trust, and Deskbookers is free to contact the leads you submit.

2. It must be a new lead for Deskbookers; If a lead is already known to Deskbookers, there is a rejection and you will be notified. In that case you are not entitled to the finders fee.

3. The 2.5% finders fee is calculated on the contract value eligible for commissionen and is paid to you as soon as Deskbookers has collected its brokerage commission from the lessor. Deskbookers keeps you informed of the status of the Won deals and Lost deals. As soon as there is a signed rental agreement between your lead and the property and our commission has been collected, the finders will be transferred to you.

4. Exclusivity: By agreeing to send Deskbookers a particular lead, you are agreeing to exclusively partner with us on this deal. It is not permitted to forward this lead to other (online) brokers/ third parties.

Refer a lead and receive a reward.

Please share the relevant information below. You can also call us at +31 88 1650 400 if you prefer.

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Additional information about the customer or their requirements

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