Finding Office Space In Amsterdam - A Guide

By Deskbookers on June 17th, 2019

Are you looking to rent an office space in Amsterdam? Not familiar with the Dutch real estate market? No worries! We put together this guide to help you navigate it and find the perfect office for your business in Amsterdam.

The most famous city in Holland and home for many startups and established brands, Amsterdam, has a great mix of businesses from IT to logistics, advertising and life sciences that found their home in it.    

In terms of office spaces, the city offers a wide variety from inspiring coworking places to large corporate buildings.

Let’s dive right in and see what Amsterdam has to offer!

1. Amsterdam Business Districts

Amsterdam’s city center is easily accessible thanks to great public transport connections. More space at a lower cost, however, is found a little further away from the city's heart.

Depending on your business focus, there are 3 popular business areas in Amsterdam.


The center of Amsterdam is a popular location for all types of businesses from startups and tech companies like The Next Web to big companies such as and Philips. Public transport, restaurants, hotels, shops and everything else is within walking distance.

The city center is very well connected with the A10 easily accessible which offers connections to most parts of the country.

Also, Amsterdam Centraal (the city’s central station) is the largest railway station in The Netherlands and provides both national and international connections.


Known also as the “Financial Mile”, the Zuidas area has developed into a legal and financial hub over the years. Many large Dutch law firms have their headquarters here as well as Dutch subsidiaries of major consulting groups such as Boston Consulting Group and Accenture.

The area is easily accessible from the A10 ring and is also served by Amsterdam Zuid railway station, trams, buses and metro.


Situated around 3km northwest of the city center, Sloterdijk is the hub for traditional Dutch businesses. Here you will also find many call centers, the Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” and the Dutch Tax Office.

To access the area, you can take the A10 or the train to Amsterdam Sloterdijk railway station.  

2. Office landscapes

There is a large variety of office spaces in Amsterdam to fulfill the needs of both startups and corporations.

a. Traditional office space

You can find plenty of private office space to rent in Amsterdam. These are usually located in business centers such as RAI Amsterdam.  

Besides privacy, these spaces give you the freedom to design them so that they showcases the brand and gives away the right vibes to your clients.

When renting out a private office space, keep in mind that WiFi, office equipment and the use of kitchen facilities are usually NOT included.

b. Virtual office space

Do you run a business in which you are not in one place all the time? Fortunately, there is a solution for that too!

If you need a business address for correspondence and registration with the chamber of commerce, you can hire a virtual place. Some of the places also offer you admin and secretarial support.  

c. Serviced offices and Coworking spaces

If you are a freelancer or have a small business team and plan on moving to another country, this type of office setting can be a great option for you in terms of community and ease of accessibility.  

For example, TQ in Amsterdam hosts monthly events for their worldwide tech community. You will definitely meet many interesting and inspiring professionals from whom you can learn a lot. Other coworking spaces are Startdock Coworking, Wework and Spaces.

Added bonus - by being part of a fun and young community, it is guaranteed that you and your team will stay motivated and inspired.

Included are WiFi, maintenance, shared spaces and many opportunities to collaborate and meet professionals.

Still not sure which office space would be better for your business? Check out this guide on cowork vs private office spaces to get more insights on each type.

3. Local Market Prices

The costs of renting an office space in Amsterdam vary from a few hundred to a few thousand euros a month. The price is influenced by factors like location, size,  additional services and the inclusion of amenities.

In areas like the Center and Zuidas, the average rent has increased in the past years due to the popularity of the locations. In the Center, prices for traditional office spaces range from €350 - €500 per square meter per year and for serviced offices range from €250 to 450 per workstation per month. Prices outside the city center are generally 50% of the prices in the City Center. Zuidas continues to be the priciest option with serviced offices ranging from €450 to €1000 per workstation per month.

Depending on the type of office, amenities such as IT infrastructure, furniture, meeting rooms, kitchen, and video-conferencing are either included or excluded in the rent prices.

If you need more information on Amsterdam’s current market prices for offices, feel free to reach out to our in-house market experts.

4. Local Market Practices

Just like most Dutch things, the legislation is fair, straight forward and logical. This makes Amsterdam’s local market practices very attractive and workable for businesses.

The length of the rental contract, for example, is pretty flexible in most cases. For traditional office space, five years is the standard but a break after three years is also negotiable. For serviced offices, you can rent on a monthly basis.

Security deposits are typically 3 months rent and 3 months service charges (excl. VAT).

Want to renew your contract? Most five-to-ten-year leases have the option to extend by five years.

And what about taxes? Well, there is a low real-estate tax for tenants. This percentage is usually between 0.2%-0.3% of the building’s value.

Want to find out more?

Our trusted advisors can provide you with all the relevant options, including pricing and objective reviews. All in one easy to understand overview.

Get in touch with us today to find your perfect office space in Amsterdam!

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