The group of companies looking for a new office continues to grow. It is easy to share your extra office space

through Deskbookers and earn money every month by attracting new tenants for your empty spaces.

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How to acquire new tenants through Deskbookers?

List your offices and create your individualized online profile. A listing on increases your visibility and links you to more than 50.000 potential bookers every month.

Receive interested parties through a viewing scheduled through Deskbookers. Potential tenants choose your location from a selection of spaces after being able to compare them through our marketplace.

Deskbookers creates a great license agreement that will be signed by host and tenant online, which both parties agree with. Deskbookers will make sure to collect the initial payments and deposits as well as handle monthly recurring payments.

Why choose Deskbookers as your partner?

High quality opportunities

By providing a great online search experience, presenting the right content about your location, and offering an easy to use comparison tool, tenants only select and visit the venues that really match their demands. Deskbookers only delivers potential tenants that are serieus candidates, resulting in higher conversion, which leaves more time for other important activities.

Big network

Demand for office space is growing rapidly. Easily share your unused office space and reach out to Deskbookers big network of more than 50.000 potential bookers every month. Use Deskbookers’ experience with attracting new customers proven by your filled meeting rooms. Companies like Manpower, Uber, and Essent are already booking their meetingrooms through Deskbookers.

Standardised agreements

No more headaches going through the paperwork. With DB License agreement we aim to set up a clear agreement for both parties and help facilitate and speed up this process, allowing you to focus ont he fun stuff. Of course you can still differentiate yourself by controlling the facilities you offer, prices, and duration of the agreement.

Online agreement signing

We ensure the agreements are signed online, in a safe and secure manner, storing the data in one centralized place. By moving most processes online and making Deskbookers responsible, you can focus on your core business. Deskbookers is an independent 3rd party who will save the agreements.

Payment flow through Deskbookers

Just like you trust us to take care of collecting the payments for your meeting rooms, Deskbookers will make sure to collect the initial payments and deposits as well as handle monthly recurring payments in time.

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